My work in paper is characterized by formal rigor upended by a sense of whimsy, and is
rooted in process, play, and the qualities of buoyancy and agility intrinsic to paper.
I make objects and installations that engage an interaction between the physicality of
paper and pigment, and the visible but immaterial elements of reflected color, cast
shadows, and negative space. Particularly with installation work, I take into
consideration the architectural space, so that the work can activate the
volume of air surrounding it. Pleasure and color are vital and life-affirming, and I enjoy
straddling the line between playful humor and spare form.

Lately, a variety of strategies have come into play. I have become interested in weaving
free-standing and wall-based sculptural works with strips of paper, that approach a kind
of “drawing” in space, in which the cast shadows play a role. Making collages from the
detritus generated by the paper constructions – a process that approaches painting
through found mark-making – has become another avenue of exploration. In the end, I
view my collection of paper scraps and fragments from earlier constructions as a
giant compost heap from which something new can be made.